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Application Materials

Please upload all the listed documents below to the application system:

1. Personal statement. Master's degree program applicants should submit a Personal Statement. (The Personal Statement should be filled out in accordance with the requirements of university template).Click here for template 2024.  

2. Degree certificate and degree authentication. Master's degree program applicants should submit their Bachelor's degree certificate. The degree diploma awarded by overseas universities should be authenticated by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange,Ministry of Education,P.R.China.The degree diploma awarded by universities of Chinese mainland should be authenticated by Center for Student Services and Development,Ministry of Education,P.R.China(CSSD).  Applicants who will not graduate before the application deadline shall provide the expected graduation certificate first, and the degree diploma and degree authentication must be submitted before registration. (Applicants who have graduated are required to provide the degree authentication at the same time. The authentication and the original degree diploma should be combined into one PDF file and uploaded to the application system.)  

3. Academic transcript. Master's degree program applicants should submit the academic transcript of their undergraduate study. Doctoral degree program applicants should submit academic transcripts of both graduate and undergraduate studies.Applicants who will not graduate before the application deadline shall provide their current academic transcript.In this case,the completed academic transcript must be submitted before registration.  

4. Two academic recommendation letters from scholars who hold the title of associate professor or higher, or senior professionals in a related academic field. Please follow the instructions on the online system for submission of online recommendation letters or upload the recommendation letters signed by references.  

5. Passport:Passport information page (Ordinary passport). Individuals who previously held Chinese nationality and subsequently acquired foreign nationality are required to provide either a Certificate of Cancellation of Chinese Household Registration (Hukou) or a Certificate of Renunciation of Chinese Nationality, or a Certificate of Non-Chinese Nationality issued by a Chinese diplomatic mission/consulate.  

6. ICPM program requires additional application documents: Official GPA certificate or notice from the university; Financial Statement for certifying tuition payment ability.

* Note:Use the online application to apply. The online application system offers tools for collecting and submitting some, but not all of ,the documents and information required for application.