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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Accommodation Provided By Tsinghua University?

Due to limited accommodation on campus, dormitory rooms must be applied for online; this is conducted on a first come, first served basis. On-campus rooms can only be reserved for those who successfully apply for a dormitory room online. Those who fail to apply for a dorm must find off-campus accommodation independently.  Detailed information regarding THU life, accommodation, student activities, visas and residence permit application, as well as other useful information, is available on the International Students & Scholars Center website.     http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn  

Postgraduate Admissions Office, Tsinghua University

Can I Get The Acceptance Letter Before Apply The Program?

In terms of Acceptance Letter, you should first apply ICPM online. After the international student office receive your online information, they will pass your online information to our department. If we consider you as a qualified student, the ISO (International Student Office) will send you the acceptance letter as soon as possible. So, please check your qualification of enrollment, and then ask Postgraduate Student Enrollment Office for the Acceptance Letter

How Do I Apply The Visa And Access To The Registration?

Admitted students should apply for a student visa (X1 visa) at the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China in their home country. To apply, students should provide their personal ordinary-type passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW202/JW201), and original Foreigner Physical Examination Form, as well as other physical examination original documents/reports (applicants should check with the Chinese embassy/consulate for specific requirements).  Students must enter China with an ordinary-type passport(nationality and personal information must be consistent with the passport information as applying)and X1 visa, and must apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days after arrival in China.Students are required to arrive at THU (along with the original versions of required documents) and complete their university registration during the dates indicated in the Admission package.  Normally, registration is held in late August. All students should present the required original degree certificates, and submit the degree authentication issued by THU designated institutions upon registration at Tsinghua University for enrollment qualification review. Students who fail the enrollment qualification review will be disqualified from enrollment and study at Tsinghua University.

Can The Full Scholarship Of CSC Can Cover The Total Tuition Fee Of ICPM?

For the next academic year, the CSC Scholarship is available for the ICPM program. Since the ICPM is an English taught program whose tuition fee is higher than the general master program covered by the CSC, candidate who successfully apply the CSC still need to pay the supplementary amount of the tuition fee. The CSC application is completed by the candidate him/herself with China embassy in your country.

Postgraduate Admissions Office, Tsinghua University

Can I Apply The CSC From The Tsinghua University?

Currently, it is not available to apply the CSC from the Tsinghua University. The applications should be submitted to the China Scholarship Council (CSC) (Website: http://www.csc.edu.cn) through recommendation by Chinese Embassies or Consulates or relevant organizations in applicant home countries between November and April (deadlines vary by country).

How Is The Experience In China?

“China is the biggest Chinese country in the world. Although I am Indonesian Chinese and having travelling to most of developing countries, I’m still having a culture shock in China. China culture is totally different from other Chinese countries as different country has their own perspective and the way of working it. I found Chinese culture was interesting and it is worth for all foreigners to learn about it.”

DwiAfrilina, ICPM student, from Indonesia

“The Chinese students are really helpful. They would bring me to the important places where I required most of the necessity goods. In addition, they would always smile and gave a bright expression whenever we had conversation. This made me feel like I was welcomed and became part of their group. As a result, my adjusting period in China had become tolerable and easier. ”

TriMardiani, ICPM student, from Indonesia

“I am very proud to say I ama Tsinghua university student. Tsinghua University is one of the best universities in the world for the Environment and infra-structure. The professors in Tsinghua University are very famous and they are very intelligent. All the professors are very helpful for the students and their teaching styles are unique from each other. All the students are very helpful and very intelligent. I noticed that all the students studying in Tsinghua are top students from whole mainland China. They helped in developing my language and helping in academics also. Tsinghua students association has lot of events and cultural events.”

Shanmuganathan Arumugam, ICPM student, from India

How Is The ICPM Program And Course?

We are continuously improving the program year by year to deliver the best frontier knowledge and industry experience.

ICPM Admin Office

“I really enjoy what this degree is giving me, the courses we are studying allows us to build solid foundations to the construction industry in China and internationally.”

Jason Chen, ICPM student, from Australia

“ICPM in Tsinghua University is the one of the best course in the world in the field of construction management. Because all the faculties in this course are from different countries and all the professors are specialties in their own field.? And the coursesare very intensive. The courses are about the real practices and current practices in the market, so it’s very useful for the students when we go for job.”

Shanmuganathan Arumugam, ICPM student, from India

“Coming to China I could have never guessed that I would be working with (and learning from) people from the nations of Iraq, India, Greece, Indonesia, Russia and Australia. While I expected my studies to be focused on international construction and project management, I have also been privileged to learn firsthand what it means to be international. This is something that is difficult to learn only from class and really requires the unconventional setting provided in this program. ”

Jason Kaye, ICPM student, from US