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ICPM Course Introduction: Project delivery

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The course "Project Delivery," instructed by Professor Wenzhe Tang, is meticulously designed to provide students with a comprehensive analysis of the roles, responsibilities, and project management methodologies relevant to major project stakeholders, including owners and contractors. These stakeholders, each with a unique and crucial role, contribute to the diverse spectrum shaping the project landscape.

Using a multifaceted approach, the course explores the dynamics of project implementation, delving into interactions, decision-making, and strategic planning within project management. From a broader perspective, the course aims to empower students with a profound appreciation of how stakeholders, situated in the entire project industry chain, can strategically integrate internal and external resources. This integration is essential for project success and involves orchestrating various components, such as financial resources, human capital, time management, and risk mitigation strategies.

The primary goal is to equip students with knowledge and skills to navigate the complex field of project management. By fostering an understanding of interconnected relationships and dependencies, the course prepares students for successful project execution in the real world.