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Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

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On September 25, 2023, our Civil Engineering department hosted a Mid-Autumn Festival event, and it was a splendid affair. Notably, all our ICPM (International Construction Project Management) students enthusiastically participated in the festivities. The atmosphere was filled with the warmth of camaraderie and the spirit of cultural exchange.


The event featured traditional elements of the Mid-Autumn Festival, including a mesmerising lantern exhibition that illuminated the night. Attendees had the chance to test their wits by solving riddles attached to the lanterns, and in return, they received small gifts and delectable mooncakes. This was an excellent opportunity for our international students to immerse themselves in Chinese festival culture, gaining a deeper understanding of its rich traditions while delighting in the festivities.

One of the highlights of the event was the mooncake-making activity, where our students actively participated. It was heartening to see students from different backgrounds come together to create delicate snowskin mooncakes. This hands-on experience not only fostered a sense of unity but also allowed our international students to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind Chinese culinary traditions.

The event was an undeniable success, with all students having a fantastic time. These moments of celebration and cultural exchange are certain to become cherished memories for everyone involved.