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Interview With Senior ICPM Student

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Interview With Senior ICPM Student

On Sept 12th, we have invited a senior student Johnathan to have a sharing talk with our new students. Johnathan is graduated from ICPM programme in 2016.

He used to work at China Railway Company for a couple of years. Then he decided to enroll as a PhD student at Tsinghua University in 2019.

He completed his PhD program four years later andwill be movingto NanJing Universityof Aeronautices and Astronautics as an assistant professor.

Students actively asked a number of questions, such as what is the biggest challenge he faced throughout the the ICPM program, or anything that he would advice about future internship or career.

1. What's the advice you can offer future students regarding the process of choosing a research topic?


Ans: He recommended students to select a research topic based on our genuine interests and passion. Additionally, it's crucial to choose a supervisor whose background aligns with the research area students will choose. In moments of uncertainty during research, students should not hesitate to engage in discussions and communicate with their supervisor, seeking valuable advice. All the lecturers in this program have proven to be kind and supportive, ready to assist each of student.



2. Will construction practitioners be replaced by Robotics and Artificial Inteligence soon in the future and will it affect students’ career development after students graduate from ICPM ?


Ans: In the near future, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are not expected to have a significant impact on our future careers, particularly in the field of project management.             

The cultivation and education at Tsinghua University are more into how to automate the construction process, how to limit the human workforce at the construction site, and how to lower the cost and guarantee the safe construction process. Thus the AI may replace human labor force in the future bu will never replace management.               

He also mentioned that TsingHua University provides excellent career opportunities.            



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